Why "Empty Mind" Mandalas?

When Artist Charlene McCarthy sits down to draw a mandala, she doesn’t think about it. No agenda, no expectation, no prediction, no planning, no judgment, and no such thing as a mistake. The only plotting she does consists of finding the center, at which point she places a tiny dot. From there, each mandala takes on a life of its own, as she makes one tiny simple mark after the next, around and around, as the mandala grows and unfolds. Charlene claims no responsibility for the beautiful outcome. When done, she too is awestruck by the intricacy and beauty of each unique mandala. How did she get there? She has no idea. I say she finds the center, empties the mind, and gets out of the way.

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A Creative Partnership

Charlene McCarthy is an artist and calligrapher.
Will Rauschenberger is a freelance website developer.

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